Pangrazio's Web Design
Using XD for design and WordPress to craft a website that mirrors the inviting ambiance of the redesigned menu, incorporating rich visuals and a friendly user interface that reflects the restaurant’s Italian roots and family-friendly ethos. Elegant fonts and a cohesive color scheme unify the site’s aesthetic, offering a welcoming online space that complements the physical dining experience. This holistic approach not only enhances user engagement but also solidifies Pangrazio’s identity as a cornerstone of Italian dining in the community.
Editorial Web Design
A Figma-designed website for "Environmental Insight," a digital magazine focused on environmental issues. The design boasts a clean and contemporary aesthetic with a structured layout that improves readability and user interaction. Key features include a "Featured" section for important articles, a "Latest Releases" section for recent updates, and specific sections for various environmental topics. Consistent use of thematic imagery visually reinforces the magazine's mission to promote sustainability and ecological awareness.

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